Young Student - Kinky Thai DVD (Item: 545)




A young (legal age) Thai woman is sitting in the middle of the room, in a plastic swimming pool.A man appears. Standing over her the man takes a piss right into her face.The Thai woman is given a black cock dildo to play with. She lays back, playing with the dildo.While on her back, a thick white cream is poured all over her chest and face.Next she is gagged. She is presented with a large bowl. The man squats down, and shits in the bowl.The man smears the shit on the Thai woman's face. He even stuffs some into her gagged mouth! In the next scene, the Thai woman is joined by two more women. One of the women is dominant,the other submissive. The dominant woman pours the remaining shit from the bowl is poured overthe Thai women's heads. The dominant woman forces the two women to suck on some dildos.

Rating: XXX
Length: (approx) 55 minutes
Regional Code: none