Me Hard Treated Veronica Moser DVD (Item: 330)




The Scat Queen is back in one of her most disgusting movies ever!An older Veronica Moser stars in this perverse movie. While taking a piss on the side of a stable, a man discovers Veronica Moser outside the stable, aroundthe corner. After taking the man's piss in her mouth, she is led inside the stable. She sucks his fat cock, then spreads her legs and lets him fuck her.A second man enters the picture. Veronica sucks his dick, while getting fucked. One of the men squats over her, and takes a shit on her. Each of the men take turns puking on her head. Her head is plastered with thick slime and puke.They make her suck their cocks. They force her face into the stable floor, covering her slimy body with puke shit and hay.In the next scene, Veronica is sitting on the porch, enjoying a beer. She fills a bowl full of piss and drinks it.She backs her ass up to the table, and drops a big brown loaf of shit onto a plate. Taking a spoon, she starts toeat her own shit. Two built studs arrive, and each take turns pissing on her. One squats down and shits into a bowl.She eats some more of the piss/shit mixture. The two studs leave her. She takes the remaining shit/piss mixture,and pours it into a tub, where she wallows in it, covering her body with shit and piss.

Rating: XXX
Length: (approx) 57 minutes
Regional Code: none